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EOS Rebel T8i stuck in movie mode


Hi, I have a brand new Rebel t8i that I can't use because it keeps getting stuck in movie mode. I just want to take photos, but nothing I do will get it out of movie mode. The other weird thing is I can't turn the camera off. Even when I switch it to "off" the camera stays on, and only turns off when it times out. I've found online posts for this problem with previous Rebel models, but none of the solutions posted have worked. Did I just get a dud? Or am I missing something?



Try removing battery to reset a camera. I this doesn't help, it is a new camera, bring it to official service.


Are you using a genuine Canon battery or a third party version? What specific brand and model of memory card are you using?


Please provide a list of all hardware you are using.

Brand new T8i

Brand new LP-E17 battery

Lens or lenses the behavior occurs with

Memory card(s) brand, type, model, etc.


Remove the battery, close battery door

Remove the lens

Remove the memory card

Reinsert the battery

Power on the camera

Reset the camera settings to defaults

Wrench Menu Tab 5 - Clear main and custom settings


Canon Knowledge Base - Canon : Product Manual : EOS REBEL T8i / EOS 850D : Clearing Settings

Power off the camera.

Power back on and test on / off

With nothing but the battery inserted, if the camera will not power off normally, exchange the camera at the place of purchase.

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