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EOS Rebel T6 unable to enter Wi-Fi password due to broken screen


So my cannon rebel t6 screen is broken. I haven’t used it in a while but recently took some photos for a friend. Before since I would use it consistently, I remembered there was a way to connect my camera to the ‘ cannon connect app ‘ WITHOUT having to input a WiFi password. I can’t use the WiFi password due to me not being able to see the screen since it’s broken. I can’t remember how to connect it to the app without the password. There are still some slight areas I can see on the broken screen and I can kind of tell what settings I am in and what I am pressing, just can’t see the WiFi password on the camera to connect to my phone. If anyone knows how to connect it without needing a password please let me know, I know this is possible because I have done it before. 



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I’m using IOS apple 

Maybe it's a lot simpler to get an SD card adapter for your phone and put the card from the camera in to the adapter. If you open the Photos app on your phone you should see an import icon in the lower right corner and this will give you access to the card. Adapters are readily available from many online stores.

Here's a couple of screen captures from my iPhone with the card reader plugged in. Notice the extra import icon in the lower right corner. That only appears when the card reader is connected.

Photo 27-04-2024, 19 59 13 (1).jpg

When I tap on the import icon, the phone displays the images on the card and lets me select the ones I want to import. Watch out as it does prompt about deleting pictures from the card after import. The iPhone can handle RAW and JPG images. 

Photo 27-04-2024, 19 59 13.jpg

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One thing you could consider is connecting your camera via an HDMI port, to a monitor or TV. Put the camera on to Live View Mode and you should see the display on the monitor, so you can dial in the password looking at that.

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This would be a good idea, except for the small problem that the T6 can either have the WiFi connection active or the HDMI/USB connections. If wifi is active nothing comes out of the HDMI port, the same applies for a few other entry level models of that time.

EOS specialist trainer, photographer and author