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EOS R8 Seeing ISO adjustment's effect on exposure


Hi guys,

I'm using an R8 and I usually shoot Manual with Auto ISO. However, I copied my manual settings over to C1 and I now want control over ISO. I know I can press the button to enter the dedicated ISO slider screen, but this takes me out of the main shooting screen and doesn't allow me to see what effect changing the ISO is having on the exposure meter. Is there any way I can have everything running manually from the shooting screen, and get exposure feedback from the exposure meter?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi rojer,

You can set a custom button to manually change the ISO. You would do that by holding down the button you customized and then turn the dial behind the shutter button to change the ISO. That would not bring up the ISO slider screen, so you would see the exposure changes as you are changing the ISO.

The steps to customize buttons is on pages 842-851 of the manual. The function you would want to assign to a button would be the one named Set ISO Speed. If you need a copy of the manual it is available HERE. Once you are on the web page click on the Manuals button and the one to reference is named EOS R8 Advanced User Guide.


If you are shooting in M mode with ISO Auto, then try programming the [SET] button for exposure compensation.  Adjusting EC will have a direct impact on the ISO AUTO setpoint.

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