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EOS R7 How to take multiple pics


Hello all I am new to this web sight, I am also new to the Canon EOS R7 coming from using a Rebel T5 for a long time. I am dyslexic so reading the manual is hard for me. So I thought I would reach out with a few questions but not all at once, LOL!! How do I set my R7 so that I have multiple pics with shutter speed??





I'll pass along a tip that someone gave to me that made my life a lot easier.

Download the pdf version of your manual, and using the search function in your pdf reader (like Acrobat), search for whatever you are looking for. I'm assuming you are trying to figure out how to take a burst of shots.

This will probably be under something called Drive mode.

Steve Thomas

Steve -

Thanks for the tip but with my dyslexia it would not help me very much. Even searching for the subject of what I need to know. It is the reading that I have a hard time with.  But thank you for the tip


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings et2mom. Are you referring to doing continuous shooting or how to set the shutter speed? There are a few ways to do continuous shooting with the EOS R7. You can set the camera to the Kids mode or Sports mode, and by default, these modes use high-speed continuous shooting while you just hold down the shutter button. In other Creative modes, Fv, P, Tv, AV, or M, press the M-Fn button on top of the camera, and then turn the dial on the back of the camera to select the Drive mode item. Then turn the little dial on top of the camera to change between the single and continuous shooting modes.

John -

Thanks for the quick and easy explanation.