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EOS R6 Mark II User Manual Availability


Any clue as to when the R6 MkII Advanced user manual will be available?   I'm one of those rare individuals that actually RTFM.  Already preordered my R6 MkII and would like to spend the waiting time for delivery to read the manual.  



Where have you looked for it?  As near as I can tell, the Support Page was posted the same day that they announced the camera and began taking orders.  It is their standard practice to post documentation on the same day as a new product announcement.

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It's not on the support page, at least not yet.

It would be nice to hit the ground running in regards to new functions, advancements etc.  


If you don't own the R6 I am guessing a lot could be gleaned from that manual.

John Hoffman
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Thanks, I looked at it, but at this point I am more interested in the nuances that the Mk II has.  I already shoot with an R5.  The R6 MkII will be a second body.  With the various functionality layout differences, I'm wanting to reduce my fumbling around time by understanding the differences.  

The manual(s) for the R5 C were not available until the product shipped (Canon USA) website.  The Canada and AU websites had them a bit earlier.  I didn't follow the R3, R7 or R10's availability.  

I checked Canon USA, Asia, India, Asia, AU and UK....  no R6 mkII manual.  Keep checking they will eventually show up.  

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Thanks, I will check the various Non USA sites and see if it pops up sooner than the 28th of November.  


Thanks, haven't had a chance to check today.  Gives me something to do at work now.