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EOS R6 Can't remove bracket from screen


I have a bracket on my screen that I cannot remove. I am sure it is an easy fix but I can't figure it out




This purely a guess, but could it be a focus area?

Steve Thomas

I think it is. I didn't have it before and will probably need it for my trip to Africa. I know how to set the focus point but who knows why it won't clear if I want it to


I have the camera set to disable AEB when I turn it off but that does not happen


I can't tell you how the R6 behaves but on my camera, I have to do that manually. The camera will retain the AEB setting when I shut it off. The manual cautions you about checking that before you turn it off.

Steve Thomas


Just to clarify what we are talking about, is this a bracket around the viewfinder display, or exposure bracketing?

This first display is auto exposure bracketing, you can see the icon AEB in the lower right and the multiple marks below the exposure scale. This will be reset if the camera is powered off and auto bracketing cancel is enabled, which it is by default.

EOS R6 bracketing 1.jpgEOS R6 bracketing 3.jpg

The other type of "bracket" might be to do with AF settings. Here you can see an AF point at the centre, but white "bracket corners" near the edges of the frame. This one occurs when the AF method is face + tracking and you have chosen not to use the auto setting for the initial AF point with servo AF. If the initial AF point is set to anything other than auto, the white bracket frames indicate the limit of where you can position the initial AF point. 

EOS R6 bracketing 2.jpgEOS R6 bracketing 4.jpgEOS R6 bracketing 5.jpg


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