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EOS R50 EF lens compatibility with EF-RF mount


Just bought a cannon R50 and have about 4/5 EF/s lens. Is the adapter a good solution or does it cause issues with the lens? I’m using mostly cannon lens with it. Thank you.

was told by the best but employee that the EF lens don’t work as well and it has to do some math to figure out the picture but online it says different. I think they were just trying to upsell me to the 2 lens kit when I did not want to spend that much having two 75-300mm lens already



All of your Canon EF/EF-S lenses will work with the adapter, but they might not be fully compatible and some features of the R50 might not work like they would with an RF lens, primarily autofocus. The 75-300 series may give you issues.

The Best Buy folks were partially right in that to take full advantage of the R series cameras you should use RF glass. They were designed for R cameras.

Please list your lenses, providing the full name on the lens and version (II, III, etc.). There are some very knowledgeable folks on this forum that can tell you which ones may or may not give you problems.




You definitely want to purchase the Canon brand adapter.  Using EF lenses on a R body is fine but some 3rd party EF lenses may not be 100% compatible or focus as fast, track subjects as well, etc.  In general, as long as the lenses aren't ancient, you'll probably be OK.  The EF 75-300 unfortunately is not one of Canon's best endeavors.  It's image quality is average in comparison to many of Canon's other lenses.  It also doesn't have IS, and the R50 doesn't have IBIS.  It's an entry level body and the minimum I would recommend for someone considering mirrorless.  

At some point you may want to consider a native RF-S / RF lens for the body, but for now, read the manual, get to know your new camera and start shooting.  Feel free to drop by again and ask questions.  I'm sure you'll really love the camera.  Please post some pictures for us when you get a chance.

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