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EOS R5 | Change Focus Point via Rear Touch Screen, when Connected to HDMI?


Hey there, smart people!

So, after many months of them being O.O.S., I was FINALLY able to get my hands on an R5 as a replacement for my aging 5D MKIII. With that, having a rear touchscreen is a brand new option for me.

So, is the question in the SUBJECT above even possible?

After trying a few different search term combinations, I could not find that this question had been asked here previously ... and the manual is, well a Canon manual and quite stingy with its secrets.

I ask as it would be MUCH easier to choose a focus point from the rear screen, than having to reach the front of the camera and move an Auto-Fucus point with the camera controls.

Thanks for any info!

All the best!




Product Expert
Product Expert


Thanks for checking in with us!


I have not seen an HDMI recorder or monitor that can transfer touchscreen information to the camera. Since that is the case, I suggest that you enable dual screen outputs for camera and HDMI device using the corresponding option in the menu under HDMI DISPLAY. Then make the adjustments on the camera screen before turning your attention back to the HDMI device.

Thank you for getting back to me. I apologize as it seems I was unclear on my desires on this issue. 

What I want:

  • R5 connected to TV via HDMI
  • To see the image on both the R5 touchscreen and the TV
  • Touch the area where I would like to have focus on the R5's touchscreen. 
  • The camera focuses there.
  • Take the picture via the trigger. remote, etc.

What I have:

  • R5 connected to TV via HDMI
  • Image only on the TV
  • Blank touchscreen


  • I am not in MOVIE mode - this is for single images (Av) mode, to be specific in this case.


Here is what the menu item suggested provides:


camera hdmi.jpg

Being able to perform this action will same me a great deal of time and frustration.


Thanks again for any assistance you can render!


- Beau

Did we hit a brick wall, on this one?

@PIX-EDC wrote:
Did we hit a brick wall, on this one?

I do not think what you want is possible.  HDMI output is a video output.  The HDMI output is not related to how the HYBRID camera shoots stills.  


There are multiple ways to implement tethered shooting, and use a larger screen.  You can use Bluetooth on an IPad running the Canon Connect Utility to remotely control the camera when shooting stills.  You can also connect via USB to devices that can run Canon Connect.


"The right mouse button is your friend."

Thanks for the reply.

It's just disappointing that you can seem use the rear digitizer touchscreen when in video mode (and connected to HDMI) to focus, but not for stills.

Maybe in a future update.
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