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EOS R problems positioning AF point


I've had the EOS R for two weeks and am finding positioning the AF point to be quirky/unreliable/annoying.  I have Touch & drag AF set to Enable, Relative, Right.


1. Positioning the AF point with the EVF and Touch & Drag, then lowering the camera causing switch from EVF to screen, then resuming use of EVF without lifting thumb from screen causes Touch & Drag to stop working until thumb is lifted from screen.


2. When positioning the AF point with the cross keys, if my nose touches the "inactive" area of the screen, cross key long press to repeat stops working intermittently.  Cross key single short presses continue to move the AF point one step.


3. Intermittently, my nose touching the "inactive" area of the screen changes the AF point position.


4. Possibly other intermittent conditions causing the AF point to freeze.


I spent a long time on the phone with a Canon support person who seemed to be able to duplicate these behaviors, so exchanging the EOS R is unlikely to correct what seem to be firmware defects and no followup as to if/when these will be fixed is available.  I've never dealt with Canon support before -- what should I expect?  Any advice?



newly joined, have been frustrated with this probem,  Hitting the delete key to recenter center AF point,,,,,,,did a search and found this site.  Tonight I may have found a solution.  The lock button.  Using it turns off the movability of the focus point, stays centered.  If you move the point with the qSet pointers then it takes lock off and you can move it with touch or qSet buttons.  But if you center it via delete button, then hit lock, it will not move by your nose or whatever and works old school like we are used to.  I use P mode and aperture, shutter speed, menu Qmenu etc all work with lock on.   So does mode and M-fn.


AF point positioning problems with direction key repeat and nose touching the "inactive" touch screen area were fixed by firmware updates.  But I've since switched to back button focus and turned off Touch & Drag AF and customized the direction keys for other functions.  Even so, I do sometimes find that the AF point isn't centered, so your lock button suggestion is worth a try.

there is a lock button setting where you select what you want to lock, make sure AF point is selected


There's an option under Multi function lock for the Touch control, but not the AF point -- is that what you mean?

yes sorry


I felt so alone with this problem, now I know there are others with this problem too! 


I discovered this day one with my EOS R, it seemed like every time I turned around the focus point on the screen was far away, in some distant corner or edge of the viewscreen rather than were I always keep it - in the center.  This happened six times, at least, the first day.  It seems like every time I come back to the camera: turning back on, or unforlding the screen so I could view it.  Boop, there it goes again!  Problem was it was five or ten minutes since I had the camera out walking to a new location, so could not remember what I had done before, and there wasn't anything that I had just done that should have moved the focus point.  Intensely annoying when you are first out witn a new camera and you don't know many of its features.


You really don't want one the first features you learn to be a bug.


I've gone so far as to program the directional arrows to move the focus point, and yes, eventually I learned you can just press the Delete button to recenter. But why should I have to?  I could just use the touch screen as well, but it's starting to seem like the touch screen *is* the problem.  This is bug of some kind, I don't believe in compensating for bug forever, but correcting them.


Canon, please, at least give us the option to selectively disable Touch AF in a firmware update.


I have had my EOS R for 2 days and already can't stand how the focus point doesn't stay in the center of the screen like I'd like. It jumps all around, even when shooting in One Shot with 1 AF point. It is driving me crazy. I've spent hours on the phone with Canon and they can't figure out how to help me. This is definitely a deal breaker for me. I want to chuck it across the room and start shooting with something else. Can anyone help me?

I have my AFOn button set to center focus it's convenient and next to your to your right thumb. If you are a VF user then it's happening when you hold the camera up to your face. close the back screen and review through VF. Once you get used to it, it'll be fine however if you want to Chcuck it across the room...chuck it my way I can always use a 4th Camera body Smiley Very Happy

Try posting on the Fred Miranda site. There is a Canon section.
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