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EOS R File Format Options


I am not an expert in this camera and have a question about what file format options there are.  We use external sources to do photo books after trips which limit file types to JPEG.  Looking at all the menu options on the camera, it seems like JPEG is an option but I read that these cameras use a different default file type that creates a larger file that these on-line sources can't handle.

Can the camera be set up to default to JPEG, and if so, which JPEG option is best.  In the menu it seems like there may be multiple JPEG options.  Thanks,




Yes, you can set the camera up to only record JPEG.  However, I strongly recommend you additionally capture RAW (i.e. RAW + JPEG).  One day, you may want to edit certain photos, and RAW opens up so much more editing possibilities.

In terms of multiple JPEG options, you'll typicially find Large (L), Medium (M), etc.  recommend you set things to Large to capture the most amount of resolution.


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Did you check your user manual on P75? Here is a link: eosr-ug9-en.pdf (

If you set the default to JPG only, and reduce the resolution, it will reduce the file size and increase the number of files you can put on your card.   That said, I would recommend saving in both RAW and JPG even if you do that.  Saving in RAW format will allow you to use Post Production software (you have access to Digital Photo Professional free with your camera) to improve your images and can then save to JPG at a desired size. You may not want to do that now, but in the future you may be hugely grateful that you had both formats.

If you have access to Photoshop or Lightroom,(or any PP software) again RAW is a far more flexible platform for making your photos look good and you can select saved the file format and size.

cheers, TREVOR

Before you ask us, have you looked in the manual or on the Canon Support Site?
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