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EOS M50 USB Video Transfer issue


Hi everyone,


Firstly, let me just state this is my first time owning an awesome camera like this. I'm not really a photographer and that isn't why I bought this, I bought it to shoot video for Youtube. Before this I used two differen zoom Q-series models so obviously this is a substantial upgrade in terms of quality but also in terms of complexity for me.


Anyways, here's my issue:


When I hook up the camera to my iMac (mojave) using a USB cable (there was not one in my video creator kit, btw), I am able to import most of my video files to FCP so that I may edit. However, it seems like larger/longer files are not able to import, which I find very odd. I click the import button in FCP, it shows those two files, but when I click on them and click ok, the little checkmark for 'all tasks complete' comes up right away in FCP. and those two files are nowhere to be found in FCP or on my iMac.


It should also be noted that when I look for my camera in Finder when it's connected it does NOT find it. How can I fix that?


Am I doing something wrong that only 2 of my files won't cooperate?


There are no error message. And no, I haven't attempted the WiFi camera connection because I'm kind of a simpleton. I just wanted to set up, shoot, transfer, and then begin editing. Keep it simple, so to speak. That said, if that is the route i MUST take I'll do so.


Would appreciate any help.



Does your iMac have a card reader? Have you tried that?

Yeah, I could just use that. I guess I was looking for a solution that would allow me the simplicity of when I was using the Zoom. With the Zoom, it was literally a case of plug it in, turn it on, select card reader, and now everythign is good to go already. The computer sees the camera as a drive, I can get the files in finder, or I can just import them in FCP and I can import everything. It just seems bizarre to me that now that I switched to a Canon, I go to import the handful of videos I shot for this particular project, and I was only able to upload the majority of them and not these two because they were the largest. I wish there was a technical explanation/fix that could still allow me to just plug in and go without having to remove my SD card every time.


Also, I did finally get the WiFi set up on the camera, and my god that seems utterly useless? In the time it took for the data to go 1.5 feet on these two videos I could have learned a new language!

Canon's use a different transfer mode and do not appear as attached disk drives.


I was having a similar issue, could not transfer large video files from the M50 to FCP. There is a 4GB recording limit per file size, if you exceed this the camera will automatically create a new video file and continue recording. You need to select each file individually though if you want to watch them back.


However my M50 was not creating these new files. Turns out it was because of my SD card. I have a SDXC card which just continues to record regardless of the file size and so when I went to transfer the file, FCP did exactly what you described in your first post. It has been driving me mad the last few days trying to identify the exact problem and find a solution (I wasn't aware of the 4 GB limit to start with or that the SDXC card was the reason). 


If you have the EOS utility downloaded on your computer you can transfer the files using that. I'm just after transferring a 12.6GB 4k video file and now I have it in FCP ready for editing!


Hope this helps.