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EOS M200 Flash not working


Hi, im currently using m200. may i know why i cant use my flash even for the first time. it stated on the screen flash busy. and i cant take any picture if i raise my flash, but when i close my flash i can snap a picture normally. please help me, im really confused



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello stnrhkimah,

I'm really sorry to hear that your flash is not firing. Let's see if we can force the flash to fire. Set the camera to the [P] mode. Press the [flash lever] to raise the flash. Press the [Menu] button. In the red camera menu #1, select [Flash control]. Choose [Flash firing] on the next screen. Set this to [Fire] (lightning bolt without the A). Exit the [Menu]. Press the [shutter button] half-way and hold it there. You should see the flash icon (lightning bolt) appear on the screen. Press the [shutter button] completely as though taking a picture. If the flash still does not fire, then unfortunately, there is a problem with the flash. To set up a repair, we encourage you to visit our site at