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EOS 70D view close-up image on LCD screen?




I just got the Cannon EOS 70D and have been trying to find how to put what is on the viewfinder on the LCD screen so I can be sure that I have my subject (Agates) in perfect detail. I am doing very close-up shots to show all the details and i need to do that especially if i am going to be selling them.


 I have been searching through the manual but am not finding what I need. 


 This is my first Cannon camera and am new to DSLR....sorry if I am asking such a simpleton question Cat Embarassed


Look up the term "Live View" in the instruction manual.


And make sure you're looking at the full version of the manual. Lately Canon has often made the printed manual an abridged version. To get the real one, you have to print it from the CD that came with the camera or download it from Canon's Web site.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Thank You, Robert


I will look it up and let you know how it turned out. Cat Very Happy

Canon LIVE! Canon LIVE!