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EOS 2000D Won't Connect to PC


I have a new Canon EOS 2000D. Nice little camera however, many issues. Problem, It will not connect to my PC via USB cable or Wifi. Nothing works! Works fine connecting to my smartphone but that's it. I've installed EOS utility (all versions) etc. I've done the youtube stuff and everything else for 3 days now. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Additionally, The camera is printed EOS 2000D but i'm told it's a T7 or Rebel T7. Very confusing. Anyone out there that can help.




Welcome to the forum.

The same model cameras go by different designations in different parts or the world. In North America the 2000D is known as a Rebel T7. In Southeast Asia it is designated 1500D. In Japan it is a Kiss model.

Try turning off Wi-Fi and see if that resolves your problem.


John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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Thanks John. I've ordered a USB cable from Canon specific for my camera. We shall see.

You may also find that having a dedicated card reader is often a better choice to allow copies to made to your computer.  Most readers are very inexpensive.   Or, perhaps your computer already has an SD card reader built  in?


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I have decided to purchase a card reader. I believe this will reduce my aggravation level a lot. Lol.


A "Canon-specific" USB cable for your camera is no different from any USB cable with the right connectors. It's a USB A - to - Mini B cable.

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