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Canon T7I Raw images partially corrupted


Hi, I got my T7I last fall and really haven't taken THAT many photos - not in comparison to the tens (if not hundreds) of thousands that I took w/ my T4I that I replaced with it.


This summer I started noticing weird things w/ my images that stared on the raw level. Some even when I updated them in Photoshop had lines running through them. When this happened I had to open the raw file and resave it multiple times to get the lines to go away.


Others have part of the image corrupted and that part is unrecoverable.




Lines in image





Corrupted RAW file:




I thought maybe it was the type of memory card I was using but this happens on multiple cards.


It happens when I use the auto functions for both with and without flash.


Does anyone have any insights to what's going on? Is there something in my camera settings I should change? Are there firmware updates that are needed?


Thank you!


Jeez, man the point was to make sure the OP uses the correct cable specifically the one that came with the camera. That's all.

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