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60D- USB Splitter compatibility



I'm 100% a Videographer, I use my 60D for film shoots and coperate events and suchlike i dont even know the first thing about taking a photo with it, irrelevant information but a nice opener non the less. Now, what I'd like to know is, because i have magic lantern installed and that allows for audio monitoring with the addition of a mini usb to 3.5mm headphone cable, whether or not with the use of a mini usb splitter id be able to run two usb devices (both with their own power source) into the camera. One is a tp link router thingy that ive put a hacked software on to work like a wireless monitor transmitter second is as i mentioned the headphone cable. Would the usb port support the two devices plugged in at once? or is that not a viable option? Im a big freak for saving space on my rig and when someones using my zoom h4n i dont have any way of monitoring on camera sound but i also like someone to tweak iso and shutter speed and such while im shooting and this cable is small and non descript so it wouldnt take up much room, besides ill probally zip tie it to my rails anyway. 

Many thanks,