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Canon Rebel Xt Problem


Hi! I just got a Canon Rebel XT and I can't figure out how to transer the photos. I don't have to original cord so I bought one that connects it to my Macbook Pro via USB. I have the MAC OS Sierra 10.12.6 version on my computer. My computer doesn't recognize the camera.If anyone has any suggestions that would be so helpful!



Avoid all the issues like this, of camera hardware and software talking to computer hardware and software.  Buy a simple cheap card reader at wal mart or anywhere. $10 to $20 bucks. It is a little plastic thing with a slot to plug in your memory card and the other end is a cord with a USB plug for your computer. 


Then you just go in to the reader in My Computer (or the Apple equivalent). Select all the image files. Drag and drop them into a file you want to use to store images. Done. So simple there is zero possibility of confusion or anything not playing right with other things or anything going wrong. 


I have a folder for images. In that folder I make a new folder for every cardfull of images, naming each with date and description so I can find it later. 


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Knowing Apple there is probably an app or setting or work around that will do it but as Scotty says the card reader is the best bet.   By far the easiest way to go.

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I completely agree with Scott and Ernie.


I might avoid the cheapest of the card readers, though. I once bought an ultra-cheap reader because it was very small and took up almost no space in my bag. But it didn't last long before it started to fall apart and give errors. A Sandisk or Lexar reader is a better bet.

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Make sure the menu is set to "PTP Mode" and not "PC Communications" mode.

Now I admit it has been a few years since I had an XTi, (actually I had five of them!) but I don't think PTP is an option.  Pretty sure it isn't.  However a card reader solves the problem so why even bother?

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

There is an amazing thing called the internet where you can check things before you answer:


Thanx for you thoughtful advice.  I will try to remember that for future use.


I thought we were talking XTi not XT but that is my fault for not careful reading.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

That is OK, I have my share of errors here, so I can't complain too much.

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