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Canon Rebel T8i - Live View Turning Off after around 40 minutes

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I recently purchased a T8i and have been noticing an issue I didn't have with my T3i: The Live View turns off after a little more than 40 minutes. Now I am using the device as a camera for streaming so knowing that is not the intended use, is there a way I can keep the device from turning Live View off after such a short ammount of time?

I have turned Auto-Power off to Disabled in the settings, but I do not have an option for Live View from what I can tell. It is connected via HDMI. I do not have the means to test with USB as of yet.




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40 minutes is not a "short amoutn of time". I would guess that your sensor is overheating.

Is this what is happening?


Screenshot 2021-11-14 150201.jpg

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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