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Canon R5 freeze after 1.5.1 update


Hi Canon,

After installing firmware 1.5, I was having my R5 freeze regularly with animal eye autofocus mapped to back button focus. I installed firmware update 1.5.1 this weekend hoping it will fix the issue. I went out today to shooting some shore birds. My R5 locked up 3 times in a period of 1.5 hours of shooting, one of the three was was with error E70. In all three cases, turning the camera off/on fixed the issue; this is different from firmware 1.5 freezes, where I had to take out the battery to fix the freeze. 

Please let me know if you need more information about the camera settings. I happy to share them. 

Regards, Mo



Yes, 1.5.1 for me is not as good with animal eye focus and I am getting freeze ups which I have not had before


Incredible unbelievable in 2022 we still have this type of problem! spent fortune to get a camera and completely unreliable! The situation is worst for me as waterphotographer and dealing with this issue during a surfing session! Imagine my pain, swimming with the camera, trying to get in position for the shot and camera freezers! then to help me turning the camera on and off doesn't help and I will need to swim back to the shore to dry the waterhousing, open the waterhousing and remove the battery..... Incredible painful! Before ask, yes, everything original and the best what the money can buy, original battery, RF lens, Latest firmware, CF express card (Scandisk Extreme Pro 128gb), and still behaving this way! Take note the EOS R3 also still have the same issue inclusive after the update of the latest firmware! 

Do you use the AF-On button to focus or the shutter button?


I am also getting this issue

R5 RF 100-500 Back button animal eye af formatted cards

freezing occurs when using BBF

freezes every 30-40 minutes 

Do you use the AF-On button to focus or the shutter button?

AF-On for focus. Shutter focus is disabled. 

AF-on button for spot focus and star button for animal-eye focus


Same problem as several above have report. Using back button eye focus, shooting high speed, 100-500. Push button to lock focus, finger on shutter, waiting to track bird in flight, everything freezes. Power off, power on and shoot again. Until it happens again. 


I have had the R5 for 1 month.  I would get the occasional freezing.   Yesterday I was out for about 3 hours and had it happen at least 9 times!!!!    It locks up, then goes dark,  makes some noise and starts again.    I called canon and their suggestion was too downgrade to 1.4.    Said they are not allowed to say to do this but has worked for other people.  Said look on internet for instructions.    The camera came with 1.5 then I updated to 1.5.1.   I am afraid to try this in case something happens to the camera and they void the warranty.  This is my first good camera and I am so upset!!   I can’t replicate it as it is random.   


I was at an E-Bird Hotspot in Maine on 3-11. There were 3 photographers with R5's all 3 had the 100-500 lens and had completed the 1.5.1 firmware update. All 3 of us were experiencing freeze ups. My camera was purchased on 1-19-22. I had oh 15 or 20 or so. Most time it would reset by turning the camera off and on, a few times I needed to remove the battery. Very frustrating hope they resolve this soon.