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Canon R5 Focus Area "Roaming"


The focus area on my new R5 is roaming within the viewfinder.  I have set the AF-On button to back button focusing and the asterisk button to tracking.  As an example, I have selected the spot focus area and have placed the spot in the center of the viewfinder as a good place to start for composition.  When I press the AF-On button the spot focus area moves to the far/upper left of the view finder.  On some occasions the focus area has moved to the far right.  It has also done this when selecting other focus areas.  I know you can move the focus area around the viewfinder with the toggle but doesn't the focus area remain in the 'default' area you choose so you have a set place to start for each photo?  Any ideas why the focus area does not remain in the center?  Note:  I just went from a Canon 7D to the R5.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings, neuberger

Let's check is to see if something is getting super close to the rear LCD screen to where the screen senses that it's being touched to move the focus point to a different location, part of the touch and drag AF feature when using the viewfinder to take pictures. To test this, we can pull away from the camera and use the rear LCD display instead of the viewfinder. While seeing the Live View image on the rear display, let's see if the center point moves when holding down the AF-ON button. If the spot focus point stays in the same position and doesn't move then we can either try to avoid touching the screen while shooting through the viewfinder or disable the touch and drag focus option.


I have the same problem. I have disabled the touch and drag focus option, yet the focus point continues to randomly move to the upper left corner of the screen. What am I missing???

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