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Canon M50 + Godox TT350c + HSS = banding on pictures


Good day!

I just bought a Godox TT350c for my Canon EOS M50.

M50 firmware = v1.0.2

TT350c firmware = 1.7 (updated to try to fix problem)


When I do HSS, the resulting picture has stripes on it all over.


Aperture = f/2.0

Shutter Speed = 1/4000

Metering = E-TTL II

Synch = HSS

I read somewhere that the M50 always use Electronic First Curtain Shutter, similar to what caused this banding in the Sony Mirrorless.

But I've previously used Canon 430ex II and 270ex II on it on HSS and there were no bandings at all.

How do I fix this?



Does this happen with other, older Canon bodies?  I suspect that you need to contact Godox.  If HSS works with Canon flashes, then the camera is probably fine.  I do not think you are alone when it coms to HSS issues with this model.

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Hi!  Thanks for the reply.

Sorry, I am not sure if it happens in other older Canon bodies as I only have the Canon M50.

I already sent an email regarding this but I have yet to receive a reply.

And yes, HSS works flawlessly with other Canon flashes.


Maybe some help here:

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

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Thanks for the reply.

I've followed your link and then some and there are those who claim their TT350c work flawlessly on their Canon M50.  So that's why I was wondering if I was doing anything wrong.

But it seems there is indeed some issues with Godox not being compatible with Canon M50's electronic first curtain shutter.

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