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Canon 750D can't take videos or take photos.


I've been using my camera smoothly for almost two years now. 


Since this morning.


I turned on my camera to get a few shots for our short film but when I switch my mode to video recording, the lcd goes black. Like, all black. There's nothing there at all. Then I switch it back to photo, then I turn on live view shooting and it's the same thing. I turn live view shooting off and take a pic. That's it, one picture. And when I try to review the image, it just says "Busy, please wait.". I turn my camera off and it says "Recording, 1 Images Remaining" and the LED light is constantly red and doesn't blink. 


I need help. I have to shoot an event tomorrow and I want to know if this could be fixed by myself.





You seem to have a few strange problems there. Probably all you can do yourself at this stage is to try a new battery and a new memory card. I would also suggest doing a system reset but without the LCD working this isn't possible.


By the way you should not turn the camera off whilst it is displaying "busy" as this could corrupt or even damge your memory card.

I agree to try a new full-size SD card and/or try it without the card in. If you are using a micro SD card in an adapter that can cause these kinds of problems out of the blue, it has happened to me.


If you have a job tomorrow you should probably make arrangements to rent or borrow a camera today.  Even if you get  your  camera working again, it may be only a temporary repair and conk out on you again in the middle of the job.

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