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Canon 70D rear buttons and LCD screen not working

The LCD screen not working in live camera mode. The screen will work when I set to movie mode and turn on camera otherwise it won't toggle between the two. When in Movie mode the only rear button that works is INFO. The camera does seem to take pictures although it does not let me view them. Also in movie mode thw start/stop botton does not work. Last, its not the lock button. Any ideas?

Sorry but it sounds like you've joined the 70D failed PCB / mainboard club.



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Hello kabbage84, 


You mention that the <INFO.> button works on your camera, what happens when you press it?  I ask because toggling that button will go through a cycle where certain information is displayed, taken away, hidden or disabled as that button gets pressed.  One of the cycles it lands on will actually turn it all the way off, so we're wondering if perhaps that happened here. 

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I tried several solutions and by playing with the several of the buttons, the solution was sooo simple. When the camera is on & and in camera mode, press the Start/Stop button to shoot using the View Finder or LCD screen.