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Canon 70D died


My 70D that is only 1yr 1/2 old died all of the sudden.  I have only used it lightly and have taken very good care of it.  I tried another battery thinking that may be the probelem.  Even a brand new Canon battery did not turn it on.  Just no juice, nothing.  I sent it to Canon service center, and they sent me an estimate for $224.  I called to ask what the problem was, they said they still dont know, that  was just to take a look and fix the issue if there is one.  If it is something with major damage they will contact me with a different estimate.


It worked perfectly fine one day.  I charged the battery back up, plugged it it, and just never turned back on again.  I haven't even paid off the camera yet on my best buy card, so I have a real problem with Canon charging me anything so soon, and for an obviously lightly used camera.  


Has anyone had a similar issue before?  Is having Canon do this my best option?  I read another post of someone who fixed themselves, but I'm of course leery not knowing exactly wha the problem is.  Plus I have shoots lined up, and need to act fast.


I wish they had a better program to just trade up or something, if I'm spending money anyway.

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I also found a less expensive repair alternative but chose not to use it as I couldn't get Canon to verify that the problem had been addressed with a better replacement part – or even to acknowledge the problem existed. Atomicthunk, please let the forum know if the problems resurface with your repaired 70D.

I can understand your concern. I just wanted to get mine fixed so I could sell it as a fully working camera. I'm going to keep it a few months and then sell it this spring.  I just hope I don't have to take too much of loss becuase I will need to sell all my Canon glass along with the 70D. After the way I was treated by Canon trying to get this problem resolved, I think I'm done with Canon. If I do buy a Canon camera again, I will make sure I buy a long term 3rd party warranty.


I just got my (3 year old) EOS 70D camera back from Canon repair- it cost me $223 to fix my issue 


They are making a great deal of money fixing problems with their cameras that coincidentily happen right after the extended warranty runs out.  They told me they search the web to see if the 80 error was a common problem and did not find it to be.  Anyone just has to google 70D error 80 and its amazing how many hits you get.  facebook instagram have thousands of people all over the world


I did not want to give them any more money but now that its fixed I will sell all my canon equipment and go to a better product lthat stands behind their product and customers


I hope Canon loses their customer base with their substandard product parts

I plan on selling all my Canon gear this spring. I want to at least get a little more use out of my 70D becuase of the money spent to for the motherboard repair. I just can't trust Canon anymore after they treated me while  trying to resolve this problem.

I never could get any of my questions answered.  They just won't admit there is a problem with the 70D motherboards.

How did you get it done for $223 when everone else is getting quotes for $400-$500?

I truly just complained constantly
Writing, emailing, calling, posting to any site I could find how bad their customer service is and how they are using substandard parts and scamming their customers out of more money after already paying a high price for their cameras

I think they just wanted me to go away

I almost told them where to put their camera but my husband talked me out of it saying I have to fix it if I hope to sell my canon equipment

In brazil they owned the same in U.S. i have a god **bleep** paper weight here and just after a year and a half barely used cam... I was busy using my others and camcorder...finally sold em and started using my 70d and the errors start...first 80...and then wont do **bleep** but offer to charge me 500 bux to fix a known defect...ive always been a canon man...ive purchased soooooooo many of their products...and always refer them....well guess what..not any im transitioning to most likely will not be my manufacturer during and after the switch...thinking lumix or ux90...dnt sorry canon but this was it....i live check to not u...i dont have $1200 to just throw away...i really wish u stood behind your product the way I do...

A long time canon man


Unfortunately I’m late in this conversation but I am also having problems with my 70D. At first I thought it was me and I was just a bad photographer but now I see I’m not the only one with this issues with the 70D.


My 70D would not  all the time focus properly, not every time but for the majority of the time. Then when I wanted the flash to pop up it would just make a clicking noise. Last thing was even when I Turned off my 70D it stayed on. The only thing I could do was to remove the battery.


Since I am no longer under warranty, I took it to Camtex and they told me it has a major focusing issue and they said it would be over $580.00 to fix it. Ouch!


Can anyone suggest a good fix or at least expensive fix?






wushuyvr:  It doesn't seem same problem. Did you try focusing with liveview?  It's fast and accurate in 70D.  Did you tried another lens?


No I seldom use the live view and I know I adjust the diopter 


i also seldom use use the video mode.


thanks for getting back to me.



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