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Canon 60D and Bracket shoooting




I have a 60D. i used to be able to shoot bracket photos from the eye view finder.  I sent it in for sensor cleaning and now I can only shoot bracket from the Live Mode LCD screen.  the tech that did the cleaning said that he didn't change anything but now bracket isn't working.  Can someone tell me what setting to look for to change it back??  TIA


@DebiC wrote:



Thanks for the help!  I really appreciate it.  


I've not changed any settings but when I got it back from being serviced it was like this.  How do I check the settings you're talking about??

If the camera was serviced by Canon, I'm surprised you're having a problem, as they're ususlly very thorough and reliable. But they do set the camera to factory settings (except things like name and copyright notice) as part of their testing. So you may need to correct any non-standard settings that you use. The settings are all described in the instruction manual.


If it was serviced by someone other than Canon, I'd start by resetting to factory settings. That might make it easier to track down the problem.

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Just an update:  this has been solved!  I got on with Ok-Canon and figured out that when the sensor was cleaned the Mirror Lockup was left enabled!!  Disabled it and now the camera functions as expected. Thanks for all the help here and the 800 number for me help!

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