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Canon 5d III With Sigma 150-600 AF points not available.


Hi All,

I have a 5DIII and just got my new Sigma 150-660 C lens. I usually shoot af 61 select point. I do have it set to only show cross points. When I put on the Sigma it only was showing the center 15 af points and not the ones on the left and right. In order to have those displayed I had to remove the setting allowing for only cross points to be displayed.

This is the first time any lens has given me this issue. Any word why?

Thanks for any feedback.



"This is the first time any lens has given me this issue. Any word why?"


Beyond why it isn't showing and doing what you want to set it, I will suggest you don't want to use those AF points anyway. My experience with the 150-600mm super zooms is using just the center focus point yields the best results.

My bottom line settings are ISO 800 to 1600. I use Av node and generally set that to f8 sometimes f5.6. Average daylight and raw format. Always raw never jpeg. Now for the AF mode like stated just the center focus point and One shot not Ai-servo. Try it and see if you get good results.

When you have a lens that is basically an f8 some of the AF features are not available in a 5D Mk III.

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I don't have a 5D III but I have a couple of 5DS R bodies which are built off of that series.  The outer cross point focusing areas require a lens with a f4 or wider maximum aperture to function in cross point mode, they continue to work as regular points with lenses that have at least a f5.6 maximum aperture.

I have and like this Sigma lens but I think you will be happiest just using the center array anyway for faster focus acquisition.  Like other tele glass, usually the center area is going to result in the best/fastest focus.  The Sigma isn't a great lens for fast lock on birds in flight and it will really struggle if you try to use the entire AF sensor area.

If you need to adjust AF calibration for this lens, you can use the Sigma dock BUT the built in Canon micro-focus adjustment works fine for it and I prefer that to the Sigma dock for adjusting AF calibration for the lens to the camera.


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