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R3 vs. R6II ala 1DMKIV vs. 5DMKIV


I'm coming from a 1D series camera and the 5D and the difference between them in haptics, shutter button response, buttons and the control wheel is significant; I much prefer the 1D and obviously, they're completely different cameras.  Moving up to the mirrorless, I've rented the r6II and it's been fine, though would like to know if the difference between it and the R3 is similar as compared to the 1D and the 5D series, or if the R6II is just the R3 minus the vertical grip, not taking into account the viewfinder and other feature sets.




Yes, similar functionally, but different.  Primarily, the R6 mkII's AF shares some of the AF characteristics of the R3, but not its Eye Control AF.  So you'll get enhanced subject stickiness on the R62, but not the absolute focus where you are looking like the R3.

You can search for side by side comparison to get an idea about the other similarities and differences between specs.  How it feels in your hand, etc. 

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Thanks Rick. I'm actually looking for the differences in the fit and feel of the cameras as opposed to their photo capabilities which are readily available on the web, though haven't been able to find anything relating to my question relating to their physical handling and haptics.


I find the R3 to be nearly the same as my 1DX. Close enough I feel at home with one.

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