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Canon 5DS R never fully auto turns off and drains the battery / heats up


I admitedly have a bad habbit of forgetting to flip the power swich to the off position and rely on the auto time out feature to shut down the camera when not in use. Well I just picked up the 5DS R and found that the battery drained overnight after forgetting to turn the power switch off. Not only that it got pretty darn hot to the touch when I picked it up the next day.


Additional information:

I've only confirmed this with the battery grip attached running two LP-E6N batteries.


Before they were fully drained I noticed that only the top LCD turned on when I started to press buttons. The red buffer light never lit up nor did the back LCD when I tried to get to the menu or view pictures I had previously taken. Power cycling the camera... even removing the grip and dropping down to one battery wouldn't fix the issue. I had to let it cool down before it fully came back on. 


Lastly the power drain occured equally for both batteries... not just one. 


Is this a firmware issue or hardware? I'm pretty bummed out since the camera is only a few days old and I'm already having some pretty major functional problems. 



Hi, cbroussard!

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To keep the camera powered on or to wake it from a sleep state, all that needs to happen is a signal sent to the camera like pressing the shutter button down halfway.  This can come from the battery grip as well as the camera body itself.  I want to rule out the battery grip as the cause.  Try leaving the camera powered on for a while, powering the camera with only one battery inside the battery compartment of the camera.


Does the camera power down automatically after a minute or so of inactivity?


If not, check to make sure the Auto Power Off setting is set properly by doing the following:


  1. Press MENU.
  2. Select the [SETUP #2] tab.
  3. Select [Auto Power Off].
  4. Select the desired time limit.

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I was thinking the same thing and ran the exact test yesterday. Without the battery grip and a single battery leaving the camera in standby mode I lost roughly 12% battery life. The AutoPower off settings were already confirmed to be 1 minute. I'm running another control test with the batter grip today to see if there's any increase in battery drain.


To be totally clear, this is not my first Canon SLR body so I'm really surprised at how fast the battery drain is from simple standby mode. I'm used to a single battery lasting a few weeks with casual shooting every now and then and certainly have never seen a noticable drain from leaving previous bodies in standby mode.


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