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Camera will not show anything in digital screen.



I have at Canon EOS Rebel XS.


I have changed batteries and charged them again. The batteries and disks go in well. The camera will go on but no menu or picture on screen. In the eye screen there is a orange light and when I click the picture button is states busy with a lighting icon in the eye screen. There is never any display on the digital screen.


I have heard from others and took it to Best Buy and they said this is a frequent issue with these cameras. Should I return it to manufacterer? If so. Please state where I should send the camera.


Thank you



You are certain you didn't touch the DISP button?

I would never trust Best Buy and it would be the last place I would ask for advise.


Other things like did you drop it? Or, did it get wet?, Too, hot? Any out of the ordinary situation precede this?

Make sure you reset the camera to factory defaults by removing all batteries for a couple hours.

Do you have any local camera repair shops that you could ask for help?

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!


Hi ckauf49!


Thanks for the post.


The camera may not show an image on the LCD screen if the camera is not set for live view shooting.  However, it will always display the menu on the screen if you press the MENU button.  If it does not, then the camera will need to be serviced.  To start this process, you'll need to complete a Repair Request on our website.


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Is there something blocking the forehead sensor? Some viewfinder extensions or other accessories may block the proximity sensor that turn off the LCD display.
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