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Built in flash on my Rebel T5i is not working properly.


I have had my Rebel T5i since about 2013.  A few weeks ago, I was taking some pictures inside a room with low lighting.  The camera was set on fully automatic mode, AF.  The pictures looked like they were taken with no flash.  Since then, I have practiced at home.  Even when I am as close as 3 feet to my subject, indoor pictures are dark, like the flash is not working.  I NEVER HAD THIS PROBLEM BEFORE!  Now, this week, the local police department where I work, is having Safety Town.  I always take the pictures for this event.  The first couple of pictures, taken indoors (again on automatic) were on the darker side.  Thankfully, since I learned of the issues with the built in flash prior to this event, I was somewhat prepared and brought my external flash with me.  If not for that external flash, the indoor shots would have been too dark.  Needless to say, this is upsetting.  I should not be getting dark pictures, in automatic mode, AF, 3-4 feet away from the subject!  I would like to hear from someone at Canon, who can, literally, shed some light on what could be wrong?  And having to carry an external flash with me, all the time, is not a satisfactory solution!


Canon CS is first class. Smiley Very Happy   Believe me, I have dealt with all of them.

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