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Camera controls not working properly after falling into snow


Unfortunate incident involving a dog, a muddy track and my camera being out...

I was out walking my dog a little while ago now, it was snowy and shed barely ever seen it. I had camera out and im sure you can all image what happens. I rather not dwell. Anyway, optically everything is fine but the wheel for ISO etc and one button have become unpredictable. Any recommendations for a clean without taking it to a shop. I'm a practical guy with experience doing electronics but don't want to f up a sentimental camera.



My advice is to set the camera to Intelligent Auto Mode.  Seriously, try it.

If you need specifics advice, then you need to help someone to help you.  We need to know a LOT more about what you are doing.  Let’s start with what camera you using, and what lens are you using.

What are your AF point selection and AF mode?  Tell us how to reproduce your issue.

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Are you an AI? My camera is muddy - it's not I don't know how to use it. Its a Canon and has a lens plus makes clicky noises and takes pictures. The turny bit that helps you take better pictures when you're not using 'intelligent auto' mode, isn't so turny anymore. :c

Hi Hanni and welcome to the forum:
First, we are NOT AI devices, we are experienced photographers who donate our time to Canon to support folks who want advice - like you.  So, if we an avoid sarcasm it would be much appreciated.  I am not sure what you mean by sentimental camera and there is a reason for that.   If the reason you call it sentimental is because the  camera is old, past a certain age, and especially for non-pro models, you won't get an authorized service facility to work on it.

Now, I DO recognize you want "Any recommendations for a clean without taking it to a shop".  If the camera is a weather sealed model, it offers more hope for a do-it-yourself effort than one that is not. I would not give you advice for a self-clean without knowing the risk of doing so.  So the questions we are seeking advice on are relevant to helping us help you.

cheers, TREVOR

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Afraid I am not following.  "it was snowy and shed barely ever seen it. I had camera out and im sure you can all image what happens".  

You dropped your camera in the mud. it got wet?  


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My dog was attached to me on a lead, I was taking a picture in the snow and she yanked when I wasn't expecting; causing myself and the camera to become horizontal on muddy wet ground. Everything on the camera works function wise, just the ISO/F value wheel doesnt turn properly.

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