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Issues with T6i External Mic


I use this camera with my photobooth company..for weddings to record short videos. The booth software actually intergrates with the camera and controls some of the camera settings. The external mic worked fine for one wedding, but the next, the camera just picked up the outside noise. Everything was hooked up the same no settings were changed and we even did a test video and checked it before the booth opened. The only difference was the music. The first event and test run prior to this event starting was done without alot of noise in the background, but the booth session of the past event was done within the same vicinity of where the dj was. So when I checked all the videos, none of them recorded through the mic and all I could hear was the background music. It was almost as if the camera disabled the mic and tried to capture everything else. Because you could vaguely hear someone speaking if they were talking from a distance as if it was the camera picking it up and not the mic. Which is why we use the mic, so people could be heard over the music...


Info: Mic is samson q2u, not battery operated and we have a mic 3.5mm adapter to lxr. Its input pattern is whatever it means to go directly into the mic and not capture surrounding noise. (Canon rep already confirmed mic jack adapter was stereo and the mic itself had the correct input sound pattern by looking up specs, but couldnt determine cause of issue. We changed the attenuator also.)


I tested the mic in my own home after the event with no additional noise and it worked, but also tried to mimic the loud environment and it ironically didnt work. This was all done utillzing the booth program to record the videos.


Also, not sure if it matters but I am also using a non-canon brand battery adapter, and it constantly shows the battery indicator blinking and not fully charged as it should since its an adapter(usb at that, not outlet charger). Which as im discovering could cause the camera to not always act properly. Planning to invest in the canon adapter.

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