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Camera Suggestions - Upgrading from EOS Rebel T6


I’m 14, and a nature photographer. I am going on a trip to Canada this summer and wondering if someone could help me find a better camera for what I’m going to be shooting. I currently have a Canon Rebel t6 which is working for me but I’m worried it might not be the best for what I will be photographing. I will be in Churchill Manitoba Canada with National Geographic’s student travel program. We will be taking pictures of Polar bears, Northern Lights, beluga whales, and many of their landscapes and birds. I was for some recommendations for an upgrade in the camera body. I’d like to continue using my lenses with the new body. I have 3 EF lens and the biggest one being a sigma 150-600mm lens which will have to be compatible with the new upgraded camera body. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



I have been to Churchill in the fall and will be going back in August of next year.

We had bears coming right up to the tundra buggy; your 150-600 is more than adequate.

When will you be going?

You didn't say what other lenses you have, but anything in the 18-100mm range for your T6 would be fine.

In my opinion a T6 is perfectly adequate for your trip.

Here are three images with focal lengths used. These are full frame focal lengths.


John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, M200, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, Lr Classic



I was in the same boat as you about two years or so ago. I wanted to upgrade from a T6. I wanted more focus points, a faster burst rate and a low weight., and I set my purchase price ceiling at $1,000.

For me personally it came down a choice between the SL3 and a T8i, I chose the T81 and have been very happy with it.

As far as your Sigma goes, it should work on a T8i, if it has been working on your T6.

For any person trying to give you recommendations, it would help to know what you want to spend, and if you have any preferences regarding a DSLR vs. mirrorless.

Steve Thomas



What doesn't the T6 do for you?

What do you think a different camera will get you?

I agree that the T6 should be more than enough for your trip.

At this point, save your money to upgrade to mirrorless in a few years. You can bring your lenses along with you to start.

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