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Broken Contact - EF 100-400 LENS will not work


I have a t8i that I use for sports photography, went to shoot soccer matches Saturday, but my t8i would not shoot?  Had to use my back up.  Just noticed that one of the contact on the end had broken off, other lenses work, but not the 400.  Can this be repaired, or am I out a camera?


You can start a repair request on the Canon website. Whether or not they will cover it under warranty I can't say. It certainly is new enough.

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You can go to your My Canon Account and start the repair process. It will walk you through the whole thing step-by-step.


Log in or sign up at


Once our team gets your gear, they'll let you know upon evaluation whether it's considered covered under warranty or physical damage - only the folks at the Factory Service Center can determine that.


You'll want to make sure to upload your proof of purchase (receipt) to your My Canon Account when you register your camera - that will expedite your repair process and let the team know it's still within the warranty period, too. A legible copy/PDF of the invoice is required - not a credit card statement. 

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Nope, just fell out. I filled out a repair and it is covered under warranty.  


One other thought worth mentioning is where did that piece of broken contact end up? Hopefully, it fell to the ground or the floor and not into your camera's body or into your 400MM lens. That could explain why that is the only lens that is not working.

I've got it, it was in the camera, but I got it out.  It must have broken off when I was either putting on, or taking off, the lens.

Glad to hear that! How do the contacts on that lens look? Hopefully, they did not get damaged in the process.

Or be the cause of the camera pin failing.
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Good point I was wondering if a lens contact snagged that pin and broke it off. 

"... I was wondering if a lens contact snagged that pin and broke it off."


Might be a good idea to send the lens along with the camera.

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