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Bad video noise EOS R5 C-LOG 3


Hi, can anyone help me resolve this issue? (Bad Noise and pixel shifting on final output)

I have the EOS R5 and have been shooting with the native 800 ISO in C-LOG 3. I use the Canon RF 28 / 70mm lens but set to 28mm both Auto and Manual focus. I'm filming in 4k-U ALL-I at 23.97fps / 59.94fps and 120fps. Using the BT.709 color space and Color Matrix set to Neutral.

High Frame Rate is disabled on all but for 120fps. 4K HQ mode is disabled on all frame rate.

I use Premiere Pro CS6, but have to convert H.265 to H.264 so that PP can read the files.

I have tried using Rec.709 Luts / BT709 luts both from Canon and also from YouTube users. I have also tried coloring from scratch but with the same issue.

Thank you to anyone who can help, as this is very frustrating. 






Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi RoyBoy1,

Thanks for checking in with us.

Premiere Pro CS6 isn't optimized for handling H.265 files. I'm not sure how you're converting the files, but one way to do that would be to use a free transcoder like Handbrake, which you can find on the link below:

See how the files look after the conversation and before doing any adjustments. Then try doing tests with LUTs. The LUT itself might be adding noise, depending on how much of a look it is trying to add and the shooting conditions when you shot.

It might help to do some tests where you don't shoot in C LOG to see if the issue is LOG specific.

Lastly, you may want to look into a newer video editing program that has been optimized for LOG files and higher resolution footage. You could look at using an updated version of Premiere, or you could experiment with the free version of the latest version of Blackmagic's Resolve.


I have the exact same problem and I'm using the latest versions of Premiere Pro (CC 2022 and CC 2023) with the LUTS provided by Canon.  Horrible noise at the native ISO 800 even in a studio environment with perfectly balanced lighting.  

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi RoyBoy1.

How are you converting those H.265 files to H.264 and how does the footage look at that point before doing anymore editing/touch up? With the high dynamic range being offered shooting with C-Log 3 at ISO 800, you may want to increase you color space to the BT2020 or Cinema Gamut color space. With Canon Log, movies may be affected by horizontal banding, depending on the subject or shooting conditions. In particular, noise may become more noticeable if you enhance the contrast when color-grading your movies. If noise is noticeable, try recording under brighter conditions and adjusting brightness in color grading. Noise can also be reduced by recording at ISO speeds lower than ISO 800 for Canon Log 3, although dynamic range is narrower.


Have been having issues shooting in log3 recently as well, did you find a solution royboy? Also, any one on here on the canon discord server? Might be easier to discuss


Might have figured it out. It's because you're essentially shooting raw with C-Log3, which requires a heavier conversion than just a color grade. Not shooting in C-Log, the camera does the processing but it means when you get to the edit you have more work to do to correct the footage. However, it will look better as you can do more in manipulating the look. I don't know if converting or using an older version of Premiere has anything to do with the way the footage looks in the edit. It has to do with shooting raw. If you go to menu > camera icon > 3 (3rd page) > Canon log settings > Canon Log > Off your camera will process the footage for you but it will limit what looks you can accomplish in post.

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