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A Little Help, Please? EOS M3




I have an EOS M3 I have used for vlogging and youtube videos in the past. I was never able to figure how to connect to my computer, (now running Windows 10) so I would instead transfer images/video over wifi to my iphone (now iphone X), and then tediously to my computer for editing.


I have a multitide of blocks here today. I would appreciate some help if possible.



  • Upon attempting to connect to my computer, I notice on my eos m3 menu the computer icon is not available. I also cannot locate my USB cord... I believe it was misplaced during my move or by my organizers


  • I attempted to connect to my phone like previously, however the canon app Canon Camera Connect will not pick up my EOS M3 signal. It doesn't show on the device list. 😞 This app is constantly changing and apparently I cannot (or my camera cannot) keep up


  • When I tried to connect to my computer via EOS utility, my EOS M3 was angry and told me to check my computer settings. Is this a firewall issue?



I'm at a loss here and very sad because creating videos is my outlet and I'm either stupid and confused or something is terribly wrong. Navigating this camera's settings is not very intuitive to me. 


Thanks for any help/suggestions in advance. I really appreciate it.







Any USB cord will work if it has the correct connections.

found the mini USB


Connected to computer. No device detected whatsoever.


When I tried to connect via iphone X on canon app, no device detected either. 


Is it my camera??


I suggest that you check your computer for an SD slot.  A USB card reader works, too, but that still requires a USB cable..  


The camera does not connect to the PC via Wi-Fi.  Your PC is not a Wi-Fi hotspot, something which most iPhones are able to do.  Your camera and PC connect to a common Wi-Fi hotspot.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

thank you will check for SD

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