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7D Mark II HDR and custom modes: FIRMWARE CHANGE NEEDED


Firmware change needed: HDR function poorly implemented.



Looked forward to what appeared to be a fully functional HDR that saved the original RAWs as well as a rendered JPG in camera so you could see the results quickly. BUT YOU DIDN'T ALLOW THE HDR FUNCTIONS TO BE SAVED IN THE CUSTOM MODES C1, C2 ...


On the original 7D, I used the mode dial to rapidly switch between HDR (usually shot with standard settings ISO 100, f8, AV +_2 brackets on a tripod in C1), HDR handheld in C2 back and forth to normal shooting in M, Av ... HDR is particularly useful to set into the custom modes because there are lots of settings to set and they end up being relatively standing for landscapes and interior architecture shots.


To use your HDR in camera function, I can't just change the mode dial, instead I have to fiddle with several entries to go in and out rendering the HDR function much less useful. Now I still have to do it the old way and wait until I upload and render HDRs several hours later rather than risk losing a shot looking at and fiddling with menu entries. That means bypassing all the great HDR capabilities you've built in.




BTW, on my wife's Sony a6000, the HDR settings are saved with their custom mode settings.



Just an FYI Mike:  This is a user forum, Canon doesn't really follow it much, and they certainly don't use it for user input.  Not really sure where that is, if it exists, but it's certainly not here.  That said, we all vent about features that we wish our Cameras had, so knock yourself out.



@MikeT99 wrote:


BTW, on my wife's Sony a6000, the HDR settings are saved with their custom mode settings.

Unfortunately you could make a sizeable list of the things Sony built into their cameras that Canon has not.  Canon has always put image quality first, which is great, but they're a bit of a luddite when it comes to software technology.

Thanks for the info Skirball. I had hoped Canon monitors this forum. I've sent the info as feedback to Canon on their site as an issue but have no idea if it would get to the right people.

No problem.  They do technically monitor the forum, but there's very little interaction.  I'd be very surprised to find that they make any note of feature requests.


Traditionally Canon hasn't been very good about implementing new features via firmware, with the exception of the 1Dx.  Mainly they only fix issues, and even then it's rare  *cough*GPS battery drain*cough*.   There are some isolated instances of adding features to non-1Dx cameras, but it's rare.   That said, the 7d2 is kind of the flagship of Canon's crop sensor cameras, so you never know.


As an aside, are you using the HDR feature in camera, or just bracketing exposures for HDR in post?  It sounds like the former.  Have you been satisfied with in-camera HDR results?  Judging by the fact you add a custom shooting setting for it, I'd guess you shoot a lot of HDR.

Hi Skirball.
Re your question: have always in past just bracketed exposures for HDR for post initially using Photomatix batch processing. I would still hand process the best photos later but I want to use the in camera approach for immediate feedback and to decide which ones to further post process from scratch. Yes, shoot all landscapes and architectural/interior shots using HDR.
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