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6d battery drain


I placed a freshly charged canon battery into my 6d and left the power off for 24 hours. The GPS and wifi are off. After 24 Hrs. the battery was down to 33%. This is outrageous. None of the reviews I researched discuss this. Exactly what does OFF really mean these days. Is my camera defective or is this Canon standard design?


@Sad6duser wrote:

I haven't actually got a fix for this. Also, I'm sure I'm not using latest firmware update. My workaround is to have the battery charger on an extension cord in my camera bag so I won't forget to but the battery in the camera fully charged if I go out on a shoot. This is actually a got habit for me. I see the extension cord and I know to insert the battery. The extension cord always goes with me on trips either in my luggage or in the car.

I thought you had pinned the problem on your Tamron lens not recognizing the "off" signal from the camera and that you had subsequently returned the lens. Was that not the end of it?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Definitly an incompatibility between lens and camera. The lens was purchased for an EOS 3 years ago and that camera had no problem with this lens nor does my 20D. As long as I can remember to unmount the lens at the end of the day I'm OK.

Battery has EXCELLENT life if you disable the WIFI and disable the GPS.  You can still turn them on when you need them, but turn them off immediately afterward. The GPS remains active even when the camera is turned off, so it drains the battery while it is sitting in your bag.  I believe the WIFI does the same thing, but to a lesser extent.  By disabling both of those features my battery goes for as many as 1,000 shots.  I shot an entire play over the course of 3 hours - 837 shots - and battery was still over 30% with those turned off.  Another time, with them both still on, I had to change batteries at intermission.

My original post was about a specific lens(Tamron 28-300)  that would drain my battery if I left it on the camera overnight with the camera turned off. I never leave GPS or wi-fi enabled.

I hear people telling us to turn off the GPS to save battery drainage. I purchased my camera in August, 2013 and have always had GPS on (don't use wi-fi).


Only less thant a month ago did I start having problems with the battery draining in less than 10 hours.


I've purchased a new Canon battery and trying it.


I've also read that I should change my firmware back to the previous version of 2.0.3.  Has anyone else done this?  Or is Canon going to address this problem, or have they addressed it and I don't know about it?

Hey Sorry for the Super Late reply.


My Problem is Fixed! The Battery was Bad... They sent me a new Battery and now everything works perfectly fine. !

I've recently noticed the same drain. This just recently started. I've had my Canon 100-400mm lens attached for the longest time, and the battery would retain its charge for a long time, (don't know how long, because I waqs always using the camera). About a month ago, I noticed that after installing a fully charged  battery, coming back to use the camera, and the battery is dead. The GPS and WIFI are both disabled. I've had this happen with 3 different batteries. The camera shows that the batteries have good performance I've taken the lens off to see if that will make a difference.


Why hasn't anyone from Canon addressed this problem?

Wierd. Since it just started recently. Try to leave Thé camera Overnight without lens. And then a second night without the SD card. İ ve read abort cards short circuiting aswell

I'll try that tomorrow. Today I'm trying it without any lens attached.
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