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my 16-35 f 2.8 broke, need suggestions


So I have the 16-35 mark 1, it took a spill this summer. It still works fine, the glass and everything is intact, but the threds to screw filters in got dented in a little. I can still get filters on there, but they don't screw on very well. I contacted Canon about repairing it and they said because it is the mark 1, it is to old to repair. Any suggestions of places to get it repaired?


I'd suggest you live with it unless/until you can afford a new lens. You'd never be able to sell a lens that's been dropped that hard, even if it weren't an obsolete model. So in effect you'd be throwing good money after bad.

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thanks for the feedback, that was my thought, but I figured maybe fixing it would lead to making is sellable down the road. Just not in a place to spend a couple grand on a lens right now.


Midwest Camera Repair.  Google that.  They will fix it.

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thank you, I will look them up


Hello nicknoyes_photo, 

Since we're unable to service the lens, another option would be the Canon Upgrade Program. The Canon Upgrade Program allows you to replace your non-functioning product. All refurbished equipment offered through this program carries a full one year limited warranty.

If you'd like to take part in the Canon Upgrade Program please call our Pre-Sales and Accessories department at (866) 443-8002 seven days a week, 8am to Midnight. Please let them know you have been working with online-support and that your equipment has been deemed out of service life. Please have the serial number of your product at the time of your call.

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I appreciate the offer. I called when this was fitst posted. They offered a 20 gollar disocount for me. Which honesly doesn't do much for a 2,000 dollar lens. 

If the repair option doesn't pan out.... Suggest you consider a refurb.  mkII or III are both excellent.  Very happy with mine, same 1 yr warranty.  I had my reservations the first time (first lens)..  but no more.  Save a few bucks and get the gear you want.   

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"...but the threds to screw filters in got dented in a little..."


This really isn't s big deal.  They may be able to repair what you have and not need any new parts.  I have done it before myself.

Another option.  Get a high quality clear lens filter and put it on and leave it on.  

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