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Resolved! EF-S v EF Lens - Crop Factor (Image Conversion Factor)

Good evening, Please excuse me if this is a dumb question. If I use an EF-S lens on a camera with an APS-C sensor, does the sensor capture all that I see in the viewfinder i,e, with a ratio of 1:1? Put another way; do EF-S lenses overcome the Image C...

jrjsmith by Apprentice
  • 16 replies

Canon 60mm 2.8

Does anyone have any experince with this lens? Is it any good? Also I’m not large on Marco so how will it do with more day to day things like landscape. Lastly how does it hold up to the 50mm

Canon Zoom Lens EF-S 55-250mm Grinding Noise in Live View

Hello! I've recently bought a used Canon camera with some extra lenses, one of which in zoom lens ef-s 55-250mm, today i've noticed that when you go to the live view in starts to make some kind of a grinding noise, not very loud, noticable basically ...

Tyler217 by Apprentice
  • 11 replies

Can you tell which lens did this?

Look at these photos shot in my studio off a tripod with reasonable care.  Which do you think it best?  Now look at this pic taken at the 300mm, hand held, can you guess which lens was used.  The same 300mm FL and the same approx. crop. The same LR s...

ef100_400_100_picc.jpg ef300mm_100_picc.jpg Sigma 120_300_100_picc.jpg MK2N6827.jpg
ebiggs1 by Legend
  • 4 replies

Best camera lens five inches or less fully extended

I'm going to a monster truck show at Ford Field, i'll be in the 27th row from the field.  My question is what would be the best lens five inches or less when fully extended to use on a 70D camera.  Right now the only lens I have is five inches or les...

Will canon still repair my 17-55mm 2.8?

So I bought my 17-55mm f.2.8 a while back probably around 2010. And just recently the zoom ring is stuck,(well kind of). Well the ring moves as it should from 17mm up to around 37mm but at 37mm it doesn’t go passed that and gets “stuck”. Everything w...

Gold ring

Are gold ring lenses still a good choice I currently own a 17-55mm 2.8 which is the best, but want am looking to buy something new. I was looking at the 50 1.4 but I’m not sure. Is there any good gold ring lenses still out there worth buying today? T...

Resolved! Tamron 18-400mm lens with EOS 6D?

Hi all-- Will this lens work on on Canon 6D? I see it is compatible with Canon and Nikon, but it is an APSC lens, and the camera has a full frame sensor. I am still fairly new to photography and wonder if these two items are compatible? I'm looking f...

cbphotos by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

EF LEns Work III Book

What is the latest version of this book. Have edition 14 currently , would like to see some the the new lens in a later edition 

peter460 by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Help. What lense to buy.

Hi all and thank you in advance for your help! I want to buy a new lense for my dad. He has the cannon 550d. He loves wildlife n taking photos of birds etc. Money is not important it just has to be a really good lense for the job. As im sure you can ...

Marc38 by Apprentice
  • 22 replies

AF-MF not functioning properly (35mm L MK1)

Hello I have a 35mm L MK1 lens and everything functions properly minus the manual focus. When I have it in AF it functions perfectly but when i switch to MF it still performs as though it was in AF. Does anyone know if this is common or if its easily...

Jmerch92 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Problem with my 50mm 1.8 lens

I haven't used my camera for about a week, which is an 80d, or my 50mm 1.8 lens, which I store on the camera. Then I picked it today and the lens won't focus on anything further then about 2 meters away, I tried a couple other lenses I have and they ...

Can you pick......

Can you pick the one taken by a lens that is considered the sharpest there is vs the one that isn't considered the best in IQ?3rd one thrown in just to make it more challenging.  Only lens correction in LR has been done. No special lab techinques don...

_52D8125-Edit.jpg _DX_0307-Edit.jpg MK2N7221-Edit.jpg
ebiggs1 by Legend
  • 23 replies

Resolved! Noobie with canon 6d Mark 2

Just bought a Canon 6d Mark 2 and am needing advise on what lenses to buy. I know it's a full frame camera therefore it needs a full frame lenses. I believe I heard that if I don't buy full frame lenses it could break some part of my camera? Please c...

noob by Apprentice
  • 3 replies
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