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Lens Diffraction vs Image Quality

While recently attempting some panoramic photography, I was using f-numbers of f/11 to f/16 to increase the DOF. Later I wondered whether light diffraction was spoiling some of the image quality. My equipment was a 7DII and Canon 16-35 mm IS USM f/4 ...

RF adaptor

I'm looking at purchasing an R6 with an adaptor so I can continue to use my existing lenses. I am told that the Canon adaptor is only good for EF lenses, but I see on Amazon that the Viltrox adaptor is good for both EF and EF-S lenses. Any informatio...

Which Lens Hoods fit RF 2/85 and 1.8/50 lenses?

So far as I see Canon has no lens hoods for the RF 2/85 and 1.8/50 lenses in stock.As I bought these lenses I fitted two screw mount hoods. They do there job but are not very handy.Which lens hoods fit RF 2/85 and 1.8/50 lenses? Some dealer say the E...

Selling Canon 600mm lens

The time has come to sell my big lens due to physical limitations.  I am not here to sell it, but only to ask about selling it. It is not IS.  It is at least 20 years old, but is in good condition and works well.   I am the sole and only user, an ama...

mitchmcc by Enthusiast
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Canon lens 150-500mm

Any thoughts on this one? Noted free returns. TIA.[Removed 3rd party sale link.  Screenshot of destination included to facilitate discussion.] 


Canon Lens Repair Question

I am in the process of sending a lens to Canon for repair and am wondering if I should or should not include the lens caps? I'm just not sure if they would get lost in the shuffle? Thanks.

wmcnab by Apprentice
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Canon 35-105 lens missing the AF/Man switch.

So I bought this lens and missed the part about it missing the AF switch in the ad. The ad did say when I went back and reread it that it works fine by moving the switch with a toothpick Question is how, aabsent sending it in for repair can I put the...

Replacement RF 100-500 Tripod Collar Availability

When I bought my RF 100-500 lens it was missing a tripod collar and the store assured me that they should be able to get one for me within a few weeks so I didn't give it much worry, as I don't usually use a tripod.However, it has been a few months a...

rich0 by Apprentice
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Is Canon dropping the distance gauge

Is Canon dropping the distance gauge on some of their newer lenses?  I am looking at an EOS 90D kit with the following lens: EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Lens but I do not see a gauge. I use the gauge for night photography to get the starts in focu...

Canon 800mm F11 lens

I am new to the forum and have what I believe to be a odd question.  This might have belong in lenses. I purchased a Canon R6 and 800mm f11 lens in Jan and for my purposes it was doing great.  I recently added the 15-35mm RF and 100-500 Rf lens.  I s...

clmurphy by Apprentice
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