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70-200L USM IS

the little screws under the Tripod ring on the barrel of lens keep coming loose and the lens wobbles about..Can I use LockTight to secure them?????

jetgriff by Apprentice
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Help in choosing a lens.

Hi Everyone, I own a Canon 1100D. Recently, my kit lens 18-55mm gave away after close to 4.5 years (mainly due to fungus and a problem with the auto focus). I was then suggested that I should purchase a new lens instead. Could someone please help in ...

Canon 70-200mm f4 front element falling off

Hello! I've owned a Canon 70-200mm f4 non-IS for about three years now. Over the past month I started experiancing a problem with the front plastic element rattling and eventually becoming loose. This part includes the red stripe, "CANON ZOOM LENS EF...

hallc by Apprentice
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Which lens is best for astrophotography?

SpoilerMy first post, so excuse my ignorance when it comes to cameras. I have a Rebel EOS T6 that came with a  18-55mm lens and a 75-300mm lens. I am interested in taking night-sky photos, particularly of stars/constellations. I am looking at both a ...

Constant Noise from 24-70 F4 L (even when NOT focusing)

Hello- I turned my camera on this morning and there is a constant 'gear' type noise occuring with my 24-70 F4 L.  It is occuring on both my bodies; 5D iii and 70D. Here are some supporting details. These pertain to both bodies as I tried on both. 1) ...

Canon EF 70mm-200mm is ll USM Lens

Using T2i body, hand hold @ night lit sports Soccer. I had allot of blurring (Goalie standing still) last season in the later part of the matches.  I was using a EFS-55-250 1:4-5.6 is ll.  Used Sports mode AV, and M. Blurring remained a problem at st...

Mallard by Contributor
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Autofocus won't work

I have a T6 and recently started getting Error 01. I switched from the 18-55mm to the 75-300mm and the zoom lens works perfectly. I finally have gotten the error message to go away, but it works fine in MF but if I switch to AF it will focus but not ...

jordan by Apprentice
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Will I hear it?

Used my 7Ti with the 18-135mm lens to record video at the dragstrip strip during the last event of the season. Was the first time doing this...very impressed with the video. Wishing I had the ability to zoom in tighter and reach further down the trac...


EF 70-200mm lens issue / twitching

Hi There, I was wondering if anyone could help me please? I recently attached my Canon EF 70-200mm USM II 2.8L lense to my Canon 5D Mrk III camera. I attached it and it started to make a clicking sound, and when you looked through the view finder it ...

EF-M 11-22 possible motor issue, please advise.

Hello,  I have an EOS M5, using it mainly with adapter and ef lenses, but kept the little 11-22 EF-M, because I was very happy with its result. Hadn't used it in a while. Upon screwing it into the camera, I get a brief buzz noise from the motor. The ...

dimiter by Apprentice
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