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Canon 17-85 IS USM Making rattling noise

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Hello everyone! 
I bought an old, second-hand, Canon 17-85 IS USM lens, that has been sitting on my shelf until recently. After a serious test, that unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to perform upon buying said lens, I discovered the following issues with it:

- The lens makes a rattling noise, similar to the one of the Autofocus Motor, when I am not focusing at all;
- The camera does not turn itself off when this lens is coupled. Adittionally it makes the same noise every so often;

- Turning off Autofocus and Stabilizer does not solve the sound

Could anyone help me identify the potential problem?
Thank you all in advance! 



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What body are you using this lens with?


Check the contacts on the lens and body.  Make sure they are clean. 


There is a procedure to re-align the motor with the lenses ability to focus, but I doubt thats your problem since it rattles and doesn't allow the camera to shut off. 


Do other lenses work ok?


If yes, you probably purchased somneone's lemon.  I would discontinue use, chalk it up as a leaning experiience and not purchase items you haven't tested before purchase.

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"Could anyone help me identify the potential problem?"


Yes, I can. It's broken. More bad news it probably isn't worth fixing but a call to Canon service will answer that.

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