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Hate the RF100-500 Lens Collar


Does anyone else hate the lens collar on the RF100-500 lens? If it's somewhat loose, it frequently breaks open potentially spilling the lens to the ground. It is very hard to tighten enough so that it doesn't slip around when on a tripod. I have owned many of Canon's telephotos before I switched to the mirrorless system. I never had a problem with their lens collars. What genius in engineering came up with this awful lens collar design????



It is terrible. Right out of the box. Seems quite a few have the problem and Canon is not addressing it. Sending a camera in that is fine to get the collar replaced to have the same fault in return is just wrong. I signed up for this forum because of this issue. I used a Sigma 150-600 for 5 years and it never moved. I see below on a post that you purchased a replacement? Which one was it? I will have to scroll through all of these replies to see if others have mentioned replacement options.  I have only used my lens twice on a ground tripod to shoot ducks at water level and it just spins because of my hand on the camera. Not sure if the design, probably a bad batch(es) that the lock is not tight as it should be or thickness of the collar in casting? I have no faith in Canon or any manufacturer for that matter, in fixing a problem. I hope to get a third-party replacement ASAP, so I can carry it on my side strap for the first time without worry. Thank you for any advice in a replacement collar. 

It’s the same collar design but this one seems to work. I am very careful using it just the same as I have no confidence in this design. Also it cost me over $200 since my lens was out of warranty when I realized it would not work on a tripod. I usually hand hold the lens. Canon’s old lens collars worked well. Why did they come up with this monstrosity???



Its unfortunate you've had so much trouble with your collar.  I have 3.  2 canon and 1 Sigma.  All work normally.  

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Same here (less the Sigma). I know people hate hearing when other people don't have the same problem, but my 100-500 collar is tight!