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on Mac: pixma G7020 default text font size much too large


This apparently is the default printer output...and causes unnecessary extra paper and ink usage (and thicker file folders plus growing need for document storage space). I want standard printer/copier paper printed text output to be 12pt or 10pt, not the 18-20pt that's the apparent default output (that promotes excessive ink consumption/more rapid refill ink purchase). I've spent hours trying to locate a FAQ that addresses this issue, without success.




Please tell us what application(s) you are printing from? What type of files are you printing.  

Based on your description, it sounds like the font is set to display larger in the application you are printing from or you could have zoom, scaling or magnification set in the program or print driver.  Please note, the print driver itself does not have the ability to control the individual size of printed fonts.  We might be able to help you figure it out once we know what applications and file type(s) you are printing.

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