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MF733cdw color mismatch on MacOS: printing blue instead of teal


I have a document with large color swaths that are supposed to print in a teal color, but are being printed in a blue.

It prints in blue from either Acrobat or Word. The HP Officeject prints the color more faithfully, pointing to an issue with the printer and not necessarily an issue with the printing app.

For about 300 copies it printed more faithfully. And I restarted the printer and laptop and it is back to printing blue. 

It SHOULD be printing the following colors: 

  • CMYK: 85 35 33 3
  • RGB: 19 131 152
  • #0D839A

However, it is printing closer to an RGB: 0 121 195 or even darker blue. 

I've tried a TON of different things that I'll detail below, to no avail. I'd LOVE some pointers on what to try next. 

This has been true on both MacOS 12 & 14.

Here's what I have done so far:

  1. Removed printer and drivers
    1. Manually removed printer and all files from
      1. /Library/LaunchAgents/*canon*
      2. /Library/Printers/Canon
      3. /Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources/CNPZ*
    2. Re-installed from Canon’s website
      1. Interestingly the print settings dialog didn’t have the option for an extra paper tray. I reinstalled drivers without any other changes, and it was then available
  2. Changed Printer-ColorMatching
    1. In the Acrobat print dialog, selected Printer->Printer Options->Color Matching
    2. Tried Canon Color Matching, ColorSync->profile automatic, EPColor Printer (there are two of them listed, tried both)
  3. Someone online suggested that it is an issue with the magenta cartridge
    1. I removed and shook magenta cartridge, no change. 
    2. I replaced the magenta cartridge with a new cartridge
  4. Printer maintenance
    1. I cleaned fixing assembly and ITB
    2. Adjust Image Quality->Full Adjust Gradation, Correct Color Mismatch
  5. In the hopes of finding something wrong with Adobe, I went into Adobe Advanced Print Setup
    1. I tried the following options in Color Management->Color Handling
      1. Acrobat color management
      2. Printer color management
      3. Same as source (no color management)
    2. And in Color Management->Color Profile
      1. By default the color profile was Working RGB: Display
      2. Tried Apple RGB, Colormatch RGB
    3. Trying Distiller settings
      1. Adobe PDF Settings: Color-> Adobe Color Settings: Settings file = none, changing to North America Prepress 2; no change
    4. Canon Printer: Options & Supplies: Use generic printer features
    5. Removed Canon printer and manually removed drivers as above.
      1.      Re-added printer w/o special features of drivers—just using mac drivers
    6. Remove Adobe Acrobat and reinstall

I can't find any on-printer settings that might impact the color reproduction. Of course, I can manually change the color deposition for all prints by manually increasing magenta and experimenting until color reproduction increases. 

Suggestions on how to adjust the printer? 




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