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my canon mx892 will not print because of error U052.


our canon mx892 will not print due to error U052.  i followed all of the suggested steps for this problem related to an MX700 but it did not correct the problem. now what?


I have replaced the printhead, following your instructions, several times but the error message still occurs and will not let me even use the menu button.  The red light on the "M" ink cartridge blinks slowly instead of staying on solid.  By the way, your instructions left out a step:  remove all the ink cartridges before lifting the print head lock lever.  


This error message came on as i was using the printer to print and i had not removed the print head or replaced any cartridges.

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I have done all of the above and still will not allow me to access the pringer.

I Joe Sang in Geelong Victoria Australia have a MX 715 Cannon printer, after years of trouble free use suddenly today 16/11/17 it stopped, up came the error message U052. I do not have a compatable print head,  I have tried the suggested solutions 3 times and they do not work.   The printer is now useless, thanks Cannon I guess you ppeople say it is PAST IT'S USE BY DATE AND HAVE TO BUY ANOTHER.      WELL  GUESS WHAT  it won't be a bloody cannon, If all you can offer the hundreds of users that ahve had the same problem WHY arn't  your engineers providing a solution that is credible instead of the useless procedure that you suggest,   HOW CAN ONE BE USING THE PRINTER AND THEN LOSE THE PRINTER HEAD    COME ON PEOPLE HOW STUPID DO YOU THINK ALL THE USERS ARE THAT HAVE THE SAME  ISSUE.


Joe Sang  

If You are a So called EXPERTS, then Why Don"t You or One of your Homies  give People The Fix, that Costs in the Vicinity of around $200+ ? I Mean, even if they TRY it and it DON'T work, at least You, CANON, Can  say you TRIED to make Right on this Bogus Machine and  INSULTING These Good Folks With Your USELESS  "FIXES"...Even the People that are talking about switching to a BROTHER Product would have to Appreciate THAT effort... Out of ALL these People that have the same problem and have Written to you about it, I've only seen , what ?  2... MAYBE 3 of you people with even a BOGUS FIX to offer...Oh, I get it... You've Made Enough $$$ for You n Yours For SEVERAL Generations to come and Dont give a Tinkers **bleep** about your Loyal customers...I Apologize if this seems to be Directed at any ONE Tech. Its not Meant to Be, But at the Ones sittin atop The BIG CANON Building with Stacks of Cash, and Little Care about the people that Gave them those hard earned Dollars of theirs... Guess Im Glad to see SOMEONE is Gettin Paid... Do Whats RIGHT People... If its faulty wireing or whatever, OWN IT, and Give People Back their Money... Put out the REAL Fix to the Problem... Or do SOMETHING that Would actually HELP us NOT SO WEALTHY Folks fix our Machines... PLEASE ...

Hello all cannon victims ,  I had a MX 715 series and out of the blue up pops the error message U0562, now I followed the recomended  advice (remove the ink cartriges blaa blaa)  with out success +multible attempts later decided that this must be a built in destruction point to cause users to have to purchase a new printer.

I cannot believe that so many others people have had this same problem with no fixes that have worked for this not to be so.

I think this destructive problem should be investigated by relevent authorities  starting with the relavent ombudsman.


I would join any online group capable of investigating this problem

 Joe Sang  victoria Australia


I had this error with my canon printer that showed up one day with no warning.

Using my powers of deduction and understanding how power supplies work I found an easy solution to fix that that anyone can do in about 1 minute.

If you would like to know how to do it email me.

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it Removed your email and I am having this issue please help

Hello, I have the same problem and it was nit fixed using the steps listed. So what is your fix method?  Don't keep us in suspence! Plus I need my computer.

Hello, I would be so grateful for a solution to this U052 error problem.


I have removed the printhead, cleaned all the parts, soaking the print head in water till the water ran clearn.  Cleaned the cartridges with alchol and still nothing works, do you have a solution?

Many thanks,



I unpluged the printer, removed the printhead and cleaned the gold contacts with rubbing alcohol. Then I wrapped a piece of 400 grit sandpaper around my finger and lightly sanded the pins inside the printer that contact the printhead. When I put it all back together and powered up the printer the U052 error was gone. We'll see how long it lasts.

The fix didn't last long. I'm getting it again.

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