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my Printer did not come with all the cables required to connect to my computer

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I just got a PIXMA ip2820 and it did not come with all the cables required to connect to my pc or is it wireliss and if so how to I get it to connect wirelessly 


Product Expert
Product Expert



Our printers do not come with USB cables.  If you do not have a cable from a previous printer, you can purchase any standard A to B USB cable locally to make the connection.  This is a fairly common cable that can be found at most major office supply or electronics retailers.


The iP2820 can only be used with a USB connection.  It does not have wireless capabilities.


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New Contributor
Then make that clear on your product packaging.
Put it in HUGE letters, β€œDoes not come with USB cable”

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Yeah, Inside the box to be found once you get home and open everything. πŸ™„

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Honestly this is complete B.S. im a student and i do not have the time and money to be running back to the store. I found it very inconvenient that i thought my computer wasnt recognizing my printer only to find out i need a usb connector to connect it to my computer and one isnt even supplied with it. 

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I was literally replacing the printer because I had an out dated cannon that had a malfunctioning wire that only worked if I held it at a certain angle while it printed. Therefore, I was unable to just use my old one. As a working adult furthering my education, I was embarrassed to have to turn my paper in late as a result.

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By the logic of "you're probably replacing an old printer that died prematurely so don't need another USB cable" or "you might need a longer cable than we would supply" why do they supply power cables of a standard length ?

It's annoying as hell and realistcally, the cost to supply a USB cable with each printer is negligible, it could be written off and forgotten about

New Contributor

I'm not goint to waste too much of my time here becasue I am headed to return the last Canon product I will ever buy. 

No cable. Box doesn't say that ANYWHERE. Pathetic. 

I just dropped by to say that I'm also returning my MG2550S and getting the HP that was in the store instead.


Also, I was planning to change my Canon 450D with a 200D but will opt for a different brand that sells fully equipped gear.


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I just bought a Canon MG2555S printer and now I can not use it until Monday (tomorrow is Sunday and shops are closed) becasue of you didn't include a stupid usb a to b cable! I mean seriously! If you don't include an important cable at leaset please mention it somewhere on the box where it is clearly visible so that we can read it and can purchase it with the printer! 


Never buying another Canon product. So disappointed... Hope the printer won't be missing any of other important parts... 




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After carefully reading through all the concerns/complaints/angers from customers and "responsible" responses from Canon, I have just put the MF733CDW machine back into the box and will return it first thing tomorrow. I just bought this machine today which has exactly the same issue as other customers. The cable itself worths nearly nothing, but Canon's attitude matters. If the customer care does not care, then you feel free to keep your arrogancy (some people call it "stupidity") but you simply don't deserve to have these customers. Bye Canon.

actually ordered a cheap one on amazon, arrived on time, however as I was disappointed without the USB Cable, there was a freaking spider inside the bag where the printer was inside the box while it was sealed shut, man quality control sucks apparently