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how do I print in black without using my color ink on my pixma mx 922 printer?


how do I print in black without using my color ink  on my pixma mx 922 printer?


I have to say that 10 steps simply to choose black and white printing is bordering on absurd.  The people at Canon are obviously smart enough to make this easier so they must not want to b/c they want us to use the color toner to up their profits.  I like Canon, especially their customer service, but this is a bit shady to me. 

Does not work using 10.12.6 OSX Thank You.

Hi ricardo474,


If you do not have the grayscale option with the current printer driver, before printing, please go to SYSTEM PREFERENCES, then PRINT AND SCAN or PRINTERS AND SCANNERS. Click on the minus button to remove the current listing for your printer. Next, on the left side there will be an option to add a printer; click on the + button. Select your printer and under "USE" select the Canon MX920 Series printer with IJ NETWORK listed with it.  If you still experience difficulty, we ask that you please contact a Canon technical support representative here for further assistance. A representative will be happy to assist you free of charge.

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What is the deal with printing black text with magenta and cyan ink, while ingoring the two full black ink tanks. 

If you aren't going to use black in to print black text, when are you going to use it?

Why do I have to change a setting on my computer to use black ink to print black text?  That is stupid.  It should be the default setting to use black ink to print black.  I am dumbfounded.



When printing web-based items such as web pages or emails, combinations of the color inks will be used to product composite blacks and grays.  This is due to the nature of web-based content as oppsed to standard word processing files which typically use the black ink tanks on our printers.


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Printed as directed using pixma7520,  W10, wireless connection - used gray cartridge, not the black cartridge.

I have a canon pixma mx870 on mac, os 10.12.3.  I can't figure out how to force print in black only, no color



I own a Canon PIXMA iP4500. I printed black and white with the settings as you describe, but nevertheless the printer used the colour ink. Is there anything further I have to do to make it use only black?


Thank you!

putting the printer in gret scale does not make it use just black ink.  It still requires the colors to print and will not print with any of those colors missing or empty, those colors will run down and need replaced even if you only print black and white. 

   so the answer to this is wrong.    I am currently looking into some new inexpensive heads that use only black ink at this moment, i don't have any answers on that yet though.  I found this question and incorrect answer while looking. 

  I will try to come back and update.  This is looking like a ten dollar fix so far. 

Hey MIke! Thank you for this and thank you also if you come back when you know more. I knew that in the usual process, colour was used for b/w printing but I read about some printers which you can make use the black ink only. So I thought this might be possible with my printer aswell... but maybe this was incorrect, as you say. well let me know when you know anything more.

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