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how do I print in black without using my color ink on my pixma mx 922 printer?


how do I print in black without using my color ink  on my pixma mx 922 printer?



I followed the Mac instructions to create a greyscale preset without problem, but it wasn't working. Then I shut down the printer and restarted it, and it worked! Hooray!


I have Canon MG6320.

Thanks, I'll try it next time I have a print run.

Hello , my printer doesn't print without color , have you any solution for this? My PC is Linux . Thank you

Hi Joudy!

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You'll need ink in all the tanks to prevent damage to the print heads. Hope this helps!

Well you can add me to the disgruntled Canon copier owners. I am officially done with you Cannon. Period! 

My Yellow ink has dried up so no printing....Really? Well YouTube videos here we go!  People need to be informed about your practices. Time for the hammer, lighter fluid, oh and some fast moving projectiles. 

Hi mrbeefy          


If you are experiencing a "Low Ink" warning, you will still be able to scan, but not print.

If you are getting a "Ink Out" error, you will not be able to use the unit until the ink is replaced.

These precautions are in place to prevent damage to the printer from occurring if printing with no ink is attempted.  The printer uses the ink to cool the printhead during the printing process.  If no ink is present, the printhead could be damaged.



First, please make sure that the installed ink tanks are correct and full of ink.  The correct order is:

CLI-251M  magenta
CLI-251BK  black
CLI-251Y  yellow
PGI-250BK black
CLI-251C  cyan

Next, please print the nozzle check pattern to determine whether the ink is ejecting properly from the print head. To do this, please follow these steps:

 1.  Make sure that the machine is turned on.

 2.  Load a sheet of A4 or Letter-sized plain paper in the Auto Sheet Feeder or the Cassette.

 3.  Open the Paper Output Tray and then open the Output Tray Extension.

 4.  To print the nozzle check pattern:

     4-1.  Press the MENU button.

     4-2.  Press the Setup button.

     4-3.  Select Maintenance, then press the OK button.  The Maintenance screen is displayed.

     4-4.  Select Print nozzle check pattern and then press the OK button.  The pattern print confirmation screen is displayed.

     4-5.  Select Yes and then press the OK button.

The nozzle check pattern is printed and the pattern confirmation screens are displayed alternately. 

If they differ, perform a few cleanings.  Please perform the following steps to perform a Cleaning:

 1.  Press the MENU button.

 2.  Press the Setup button.

 3.  Select Maintenance then press the OK button.

 4.  Select Cleaning and press OK.

 5.  Press OK to select Yes.

The cleaning will be performed.  After 2 or 3 cleanings, print another test page.

Does the test page print correctly?


If you continue to have difficulties, please contact our support group using the following link:

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canon mg3670
How to print black and white
there is no options for choosing black n white or colouring
Auto .. printed whether black or color

After reading a lot more thasn I cared to I found out that for my Canon Printer the MX922 one can select greyscale. But, there is always a but isn't there, the print cannot be 2 sided for some reason. One side and somewhere in the pulldown dialog is a check mark for greyscale. See my screen shot below.Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 10.18.33 AM.png


how do i print in black without using color?

Macbook Air 

macOS Sierra

Version 10.12.6


Please advice! Thank you!

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